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Career PathWays Story

Michael utilized his Brain PathWays™ report to guide his search for a new career. Michael had just lost his job as a Marketing Manager for a large organization due to the economic downturn.  He had been with this organization for 10 years and was feeling stressed and uncertain about which direction to go. Michael had a Bachelor’s degree in business with a minor in Psychology. His last work assignment was creating a successful strategy for launching a new product. Michael had thought about starting his own company, and now losing his job gave him the opportunity to strike out on his own.

Brain PathWays™ Discoveries
Michael discovered that his neuroscience sensory strengths were Visual and Kinesthetic. This totally jived with Michael because he most easily remembers what he has seen or read and is able to perform hands-on tasks easily after seeing it done. It also explained why he had a gift for seeing a project outcome and the ability to move forward with positive action.  His thinking pathway strength is Integrated, using both brain hemispheres equally. This made sense because he had always been able to think “big picture” and create a realistic operational plan.

Actions and Outcomes
  • Michael used the Career PathWays section of his report to match his brain strength pathways with an aligned career. His strengths were a good fit for an Organizational Consultant.
  • Michael decided to form his own Marketing Consulting firm with a focus on new product launches.
  • After 6 months from starting his business, Michael is happy with his decision. He has two clients who engaged his firm to assist in developing the implementation strategy for two new consumer product