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Four Brain Pathways™...One Destination

Brain PathWays™ delivers one comprehensive report on career guidance and advice for career development; self help and self awareness of your strengths, weaknesses for a better life and personal development; scientific learning system based on learning styles and accelerated learning to develop student skills and learning skills; identifying sources of family conflict and improving marriage communication and family communications.

CAREER – The pathway for discovering careers and jobs that align with your neuroscience strengths. This pathway is helpful if you are changing careers, deciding on a great career path, or wanting to improve value and productivity in your current career.

PERSONAL – The pathway for increased self awareness and using your neuroscience strengths for enhanced potential and fulfillment of your goals and dreams.  This pathway is a good fit if you desire to reinvent yourself, achieve peak performance, improve communication with others, tap into your creative pathway, understand your own learning and thinking patterns, or make better decisions.

STUDENT The pathway for accelerating learning and memory in any learning situation regardless of your age or situation.  This pathway is for high school students preparing for college, college students looking for strategies to improve grades and learning efficiency, adults re-entering college for career retooling, or adults desiring to know more about their unique learning and thinking process.

FAMILYThe pathway for understanding more about your family or partner dynamics and increasing relationship harmony and growth.   Sharing each member’s brain strengths is the “bridge” that unites differences, leverages strengths, improves communication and increases respect.  The Family Pathway is supported by a Family Profile.


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