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We hope you experience positive benefits from our Free Resources. It is our honor and pleasure to share these unique and Brain Pathwayspowerful insights and tools with you. Our passion and commitment is to help improve your quality-of-life. Please continue to check back for new postings.

Your Triune Brain (download one-page PDF)
Do you know that you have 3-interconnected brains? Your Reptilian, Limbic System and Neocortex are “three interconnected biological computers, each with its own special intelligence, its own subjectivity, its own sense of time and space and its own memory.” It is helpful to know what portions of your triune brain you are operating from so you can up-shift from negative and unpleasant states to more resourceful and pleasant ones.

State-of-Mind Barometer (download one-page PDF)
This self-assessment gives you a quick check on what portions of your Triune Brain you are operating from. When you experience stress, fear, anxiety, low productivity and frustration you can be certain you are operating from the lower portions of your brain. When you experience peace-of mind, positive mental attitude, sense of well being, self actualization, high productivity and inner joy you know you are operating at higher levels of your brain. All too often your two lower brains take control and give you a “roller coaster” ride not necessarily to your liking.

Brain Tune-Up Tools (download one-page PDF)
This guide works hand-in-hand with the State-of-Mind Barometer and Your Triune Brain information. Simple, safe and powerful research based methods help you move into more positive and resourceful brain states. Experiment with any one or more of these 7 powerful suggestions. Trust your instincts and judgment what work best and is right for you.

The Power of Music (download one-page PDF)
Music and rhythm significantly affect learning, memory and creativity. Even though you may not like music, or consider yourself “musical,” you can still receive positive effects. Build your own music repertoire using this research based list as a guide. Listen to these music selections before and/or while you work, learn and do creative problem solving.

Brain Gain (download one-page PDF)
Seven principles of neuroscience explain how your brain is wired and how you perform. Alignment of your neuroscience sensory and cognitive strengths with what you know and have to do is the unrecognized solution that increases career success, personal productivity, creativity and learning. This article was authored by Dr. Monty Miller and Deanna Phelps and Stephen Hager, creators of Brain PathWays, BRAIN MODE power and Learning Keys. The article was published in Personal Excellence, (Executive Excellence Publishing, Provo, UT