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Personal PathWays Story

The Brain PathWays™ assessment and personal report helped Stacy increase her awareness of her neuroscience strengths and decide on a new life path. personal Stacy’s youngest child is in college. Her two older sons are in stable careers, married and have toddlers.  Stacy has been a “stay at home” Mom for 18 years putting all of her creative energy into her children, home and family.She enjoys drawing, writing, gardening and her grandchildren. Stacy was feeling a strong inner urge to “reinvent herself” but didn’t want to return to the workplace. Stacy values her independence and wants to do something from home that is interesting, challenging and fulfilling.

Brain PathWays™ Discoveries
Stacy learned her sensory pathway brain strengths are Visual and Auditory.  This made sense as she has an eye for beauty, design and how things look. Stacy thought about her decorating abilities, beautiful garden and love of writing short stories about her children and grandchildren.Stacy’s report confirmed she is a highly “right brained” Global thinker with an active imagination. She gained immediate awareness that her husband was an opposite thinker, a highly “left brained” Sequential thinker. The two different thinking styles often caused conflict between their life approaches.

Actions and Outcomes
  • Stacy reviewed her personalized Brain PathWays™ report for Career Success and found that her brain strengths aligned with graphic design and creative writing.

  • Stacy came up with the idea of writing and illustrating children’s books, self-published using on-line technology from her home office.  She accessed these insights while using her Creative Strategies involving her gardening hobby.
  • Her idea seemed like a perfect fit for her brain pathway strengths. Stacy enlisted her practical and logical husband to help develop goals, action plans, timetables and budgets. This planning process deepened their relationship and was fun.
  • Stacy realized she needed additional skills in drawing and graphic design. A combination of on-line courses and a local community college course provided the needed skills in 6 months. Her customized Accelerated Learning strategies helped her learn with a new found ease.
  • Stacy is now working from her home office. The first two books are nearly complete. Her children, husband and friends are giving constructive feedback and encouragement. Stacy is happy doing something she never thought was possible a year ago.